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First: see below how you can get $10 for your "2 cents worth" and, second, read on farther to get a great CD free!

So, let us ask you: can you use $10 off on great Catholic gifts for your family and parish? For Christmas? Birthdays?

Well, Holy Heroes will give you $10 for “your 2 cents worth” of advice.


The New Mass translation is coming!

Are you looking for a way to teach children…godchildren…nieces…nephews…your first and second grade class…your prayer circle…your homeschool group…your spouse…yourself…the NEW MASS RESPONSES?

They will be implemented on NOVEMBER 27—less than 60 days (and counting) away!

Yes, yes, I know: there is a blitz of marketing of materials out there for the new Mass responses—but virtually NOTHING for children.

And everything that is available is, well, let’s be frank, shall we?

Everything is pretty BORING for children.

And it’s only PRINTED, so aimed at those WHO CAN READ—but there is nothing to help in MEMORIZATION.

Especially for children, who memorize from listening and through repetition.

Nothing…until now.


The newest Glory Stories audio CD from Holy Heroes:

“Best-loved Catholic Prayers and Prayers of the Mass”

Which teaches children (and you!) the Mass responses the way you learned them—and the way CHILDREN learn--by listening and repeating them in context and with explanations even a child can understand.

And now…get this CD in pre-release form for just 2 CENTS—and get $10 off a future order from www.HolyHeroes.com for answering a short online survey about it!  (Pretty great deal, eh?)

Watch this short video that explains it all:



You haven’t ever heard of Glory Stories?

The fully-dramatized saint radio program that EWTN and Ave Maria Radio broadcast on Saturday morning?

Would you like a free sample?

We’ll send you now the entire Glory Stories Volume 1 (containing two complete saint stories for children) for just the cost of shipping and handling!

Glory Story

Read what some parents have said about Glory Stories, which bring the saints to life:

"After listening to Blessed Imelda's First Communion Miracle (on Volume 1), my six year old daughter said, 'I can't wait until I can have my First Communion!" (Jenny in Virginia)

"The first time I heard the show I was driving home from the store with my two oldest...and all three of us just sat in the car in the driveway for the last ten minutes because we wanted to hear how it would come out! I gave the first five volumes out as Christmas presents--and from Volume 6 I was able to learn why Saint Anthony is known as the patron of lost objects! That's right--even Mom is learning a lot from listening to these CDs!" (Christie in Pennsylvania)

"Every night now my kids want to hear Glory Stories for bedtime--my husband loves it because he can just pop in a CD. Then one night after a story, my eight year old came down and said, "Mommy, I want to start going to Daily Mass." (Grace in Connecticut)

"My husband and I home school our 6 children and they have really enjoyed your coloring books and Glory Stories CDs. Thanks for providing such inspiring stories to help us to teach our children the beauty of the Catholic Church. These are stories that they will hold in their hearts as long as they live and bring them closer to Jesus!" (Barbara in Texas)

Glory Stories Volume 1 includes two complete stories:

  • “Let the Children Come to Me: Blessed Imelda’s First Communion Miracle”—the story of a little eleven year old girl which your children will never forget!  Great for teaching First Communicants about the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
  • “Fresh Flowers in Winter: Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe”—about the Mexican Indian named “Eagle Who Speaks” to whom the mother of God appeared, leaving a miraculous image that is still visible today!

There are dozens of Glory Stories saint stories available at www.HolyHeroes.com, and we’re making more all the time.

So, take advantage of either of both of these great deals today!

And, please: forward this to your email friends so they can get these great deals, too!

Glory Story

May God richly bless you and yours,

Virginia, Clara, Margaret, Trey, Anna, Therese, Lillian, and Caroline,

Your friends at Holy Heroes